Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Clockwork Orange Ring

Only a few days left to catch 'Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick' at Somerset House - An exhibition of art inspired by the master film maker.
Here is our very own 'Alex' ring, inspired by Kubrick's' film, A Clockwork Orange: http://crazypigdesigns.com/…/124-alex-a-clockwork-orange-ri…
For more information about the exhibition, visit: http://www.daydreamingwith.com/
Contact us:
Tel/Fax: +44 (0)207 2404305

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Two Skulls Bangle

Take a look at the incredible detail in the Heavy Two Skulls Bangle.
The two realistic skulls sit at either end of the silver band, with engraving inside.
This bracelet also comes in a smaller size, both small and heavy are available in our online store and our shop in Covent Garden.


Saturday, 6 August 2016

NEW DESIGN: Crow Necklace

NEW DESIGN from CRAZY PIG DESIGNS. www.crazypigdesigns.com
Being a fan of the movie “THE CROW” featuring BRANDON LEE
The subject is often discussed by friends and clients. Inevitably it leads to the question, Why haven’t we made a crow pendant?
not necessarily in direct relation to the film but just a real crow in flight.
This idea was on my list of “Designs to do” for some time. Finally it is now reality.
Extending the range of birds, and bird skulls, “THE CROW” is a beautiful addition to our selection.
“THE CROW! is an elegant yet striking necklace available now in store and on line.
Please come in to try it in person , you will not be disappointed.
To place an order, please click on the link:
Image may contain: bird

James "Whitey" Bulger Psycho Killer Skull Ring

Johnny Depp plays the role of mafia boss James "whitey" Bulger in the award winning film BLACK MASS. Little did we know that this "FBI most wanted" individual was a client of Crazy Pig Designs:
The" PSYCHO KILLER" skull ring worn by James " Whitey" Bulger was recently sold at auction for $5200. Could Johnny Depp be the actual winning bidder.
Mr Depp could do with a decent skull ring,
Please click on the link below to purchase your own PSYCHO KILLER . A real BAD ASS RING......

Friday, 29 July 2016

Psycho Killer Ring Selling at USA Auction

Irish mafia boss JAMES "WHITHEY" BULGER personal Psycho killer made by CRAZY PIG DESIGNS in early 1992 is being sold at USA Auction:

Cliff Burton Book

CLIFF BURTON limited edition book published.
I am waiting for my copy...in the meantime her;s some information for hard core CLIFF EM ALL fans
Over the years our archives have been enriched thanks to fans sending photographs.
Here is a interesting photograph of Metallicas's Cliff Burton wearing a full set of skull rings , all designed and created by Armand Serra.
If you compare Cliff's set of rings you will notice they are virtually
the exact same set as worn by Armand at the time.
Cliif hand shows: Armand right hand:
Large Evil skull ring Lucifer Ring
Lucifer ring Large Evil skull ring
Plague ring Large Reaper ring
Small Reaper ring Small Reaper ring
Plague ring is on the other hand
The Wolf ring that is missing from Cliff's hand was given to Armand by Cliff in exchange of the Lucifer ring shown here on Cliff's middle finger.
These rings are available from our Covent Garden store and of course our our official website.

Crazy Pig Mascot Gomez Ring

Crazy Pig Mascot "Gomez" Skull Ring
Our Crazy Pig Designs mascot is nicknamed Gomez as that’s the first thing that came out when asked by a customer many years ago and has stuck ever since...this is probably due to The Addams Family which we are huge fans!
This ring design is our logo/mascot and features a full face skull with skeleton arms and legs and a top hat.